It was in 2015, during an international trip, that Amanda McSorley had several questions about the human impact on the environment and how we are all interconnected.

"What happens to this tube of toothpaste after you throw it away?"

- "Do ingredients in cosmetics have a positive impact on health and the environment?"

During this period of time, she understood the importance of adopting eco-responsible lifestyles. It is therefore in 2020 that MAAEMO was designed, with the aim of making the zero waste lifestyle more accessible and attractive. Amanda wants to show people that a more sustainable life is possible by making only small changes to our daily lives. Passionate about eco-responsible, non-toxic, local and vegan products, she wants to share her years of management experience in the fashion field towards a zero waste environment.

Amanda's mission is to make natural and plastic-free products more accessible, affordable, practical and attractive, in order to prove to our current community that it is easy to reduce our waste production and reduce our plastic consumption. It's so easy to replace a few items in our single-use everyday life with multi-use ones!


MAAEMO also offers personalized service support.